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Gianna Murphy

Project Manager | gianna@renewadelaide.com.au
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Gianna Murphy

Project Manager

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Gianna has joined Renew Adelaide from a background in not-for-profit in the property industry and has extensive knowledge of Adelaide’s CBD and Port Adelaide properties and communities.

With her background of property and project management, working with a broad range of clients from youths at risk of homelessness to large national companies, she brings to Renew Adelaide skills and knowledge in the relationship between community and property.
She brings a personal connection to the heart and soul of the Port Adelaide community, with her dad having a bakery in the area for 17 years. Gianna has also lived and worked in the CBD and inner city suburbs for a number of years. Gianna is an excellent baker who loves yoga and has a passion for the local produce market culture.
Since Gianna joined Renew, the office has experienced a 25% increase in calm and commitment.

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