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CEO Update October 2017

Posted by Renew Adelaide on October 20, 2017
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The Property Industry’s Contribution to Renew Adelaide

We are often cited for championing passionate people who want to take their great ideas and turn them into reality, with a platform that allows them to try new business ideas. This is one side of the coin we often flip.
Since inception, Renew Adelaide has activated over 100 vacant properties across Adelaide and surrounding suburbs. The property industry has been a huge supporter since day one, as they provide property rent-free to provide a startup with extra support.
In FY17 10 commercial leases were signed alongside launching 26 new businesses. This was made possible thanks to the contributions of property owners across Adelaide and Port Adelaide, who see the value of supporting new ventures, which bring new life and provide opportunities to these areas.
Given the fantastic benefits the property industry has helped deliver to new business, we’re keen to work with more landlords to continue to reduce vacancy rates in a way that supports the property industry in the longer-term.
The Property Industry and Renew Adelaide:
  • Over 2,500sqm of vacant property at an average rate of $400/sqm
  • This equates to over $1m of in-kind rental support to Adelaide’s startup industry
  • Over $100,000 was spent on property upgrades in the CBD via funding from City of Adelaide and Government of South Australia.

News from Port Adelaide

La Popular Taqueria is Renew Adelaide’s latest project in Port Adelaide for this funding period, with our fourth business, “Raw Earth,” to open during late October.

La Popular Taqueria

La Popular Taqueria was established thanks to property partners, Nadine and Steve Crampton and is now teaming with fans both locally and from wider Adelaide.
Renew Adelaide partnered with La Taqueria Popular’s proprietors to perform an interior demolition, installation of new bathrooms and other interior and exterior structural works.
The image above depicts the same view of the property before and after works.
The business has attracted a large amount of media attention to the building and Port Adelaide.
Visit  La Taqueria Popular at 226 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide.

Cult & Harper

Cult & Harper was established with thanks to property partner, Antunes Group, as a creative establishment for professional social media content curators, artists and as a retail, event and gallery space.
The space was transformed thanks to the proprietors, Lisa King and Jarrad Jackson Lee’s artistic skills with new murals, as well as an extensive space redesign, which delivers segmented, curated spaces for Cult & Harper’s various functions.
Visit Cult & Harper at Level 1, 116 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide.

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