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Posted by Renew Adelaide on January 16, 2018
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New Year, New Leases, New Head of Property

2017 was a dynamic year for Renew Adelaide and its stakeholders, with 24 new projects in properties across the City of Adelaide and 4 in Port Adelaide, as well as 8 Graduations from the program via new commercial leases.
It has also seen us open our final projects in Port Adelaide, with our funding agreement concluding in October. We will continue to support our existing projects in the Port, but 2018 will see our efforts focused across the City of Adelaide and Melbourne Street.
With all these new phases of business we also welcome a new Head of Property commencing with us at the end of January.

Meet Renew Adelaide’s Head of Property, Andrew White. 

With a background in property investment, a passion for delivering creatives solution to property tenancy and property marketing experience, Andrew looks forward to driving the property portfolio of Renew Adelaide tenants and delivering great value to Property Partners.

Contact andrew@renewadelaide.com.au for property partnerships.


A New Year Bringing in 4 New Leases

2018 has already seen 3 Renew Adelaide graduations take place, with Monomyth Games, Super8, and The Adelaide Remakery taking leases after having proven their business viability via the Renew Adelaide program.

Of particular note is Monomyth Games’ condition of being an “Own It’ Program graduate, which was an initiative of the Renew Adelaide program to encourage people aged 25-years and younger to establish businesses.
Renew Adelaide thanks Ginos Group, Cohen Group, and Evon Koumi for their partnership in these projects.

“Adelaide has the euphoria of Berlin in the ’90s”

German publication, Der Tagesspiegel visited Adelaide to learn what our culture is made of. They rode about town in an EcoCaddy and found some Renew Adelaide projects to be key attractions. 

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