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Posted by Renew Adelaide on June 6, 2018
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Found. One x not-for-profit business with a super cool concept. Cue: From Found.

Co-founded by Lauren Bonnet, Annie Gratez and Hannah Materne in 2016, the From Found team banded together using their skills (Lauren worked in community development and studied social work, Annie was studying commerce and Hannah worked in fashion and digital strategy, while studying marketing) and ‘found’ fabrics to create a fashion social enterprise that encompasses style and quality with ethics and sustainability.

So what led them to this unique concept, that’s also made up by over 50 volunteers.

Through Lauren’s work in community development she saw the challenges and barriers women from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds faced in trying to enter the workforce. She recognised the possibility of combining the women’s strengths in sewing and creativity with the opportunity to build up transferable skills and experiences for further work or study.

Since working in fashion, Hannah had also seen the waste and unsustainable practices of the industry first hand. While she had always loved the creativity around fashion, her time studying in Helsinki made her realise the need for fashion to be ethical and sustainable.

From here the idea developed to create a fashion label that ethically employed these women as machinists in Adelaide and used recovered, recycled and up cycled textiles – ‘found’ fabrics.

From Found were on a mission – to make people aware of the issues they are buying into with fast fashion and know that clothing can still encompass style, creativity and quality while remaining ethical and sustainable.

Hours of research, crowdfunding and development later, the girls decided to up their fashion game and apply for a Renew Adelaide space.

It was a successful move. Building a central and easily accessible space in the CBD – which acts as part workshop and part meeting space – was extremely smooth and straightforward. They give kudos to Renew for being helpful and for their continued support of From Found.

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