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Future Health Fitness and Biomorphik

Posted by Renew Adelaide on March 23, 2020
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The Start Up Files is a series that aims to find out where good ideas come from and how they happen. Each fortnight we chronicle the journey of someone who brought their idea to life through the Renew Adelaide program. In this article, we chat to Nathaniel Peek, James Raison and Alex McConville from Future Health Fitness and Biomorphik.

Nathaniel Peek, James Raison and Alex McConville came into Future Health Fitness and Biomorphik from a range of backgrounds. Nathaniel was a former dessert chef working in technology and software development, James worked in marketing while doing content creation on the side and Alex had lived all over the world working primarily in entrepreneurship.

The story of how they came together begins when Nathaniel was hit by a car. As an avid cycler, having a broken back and neck meant he would be out of action for a while.

“I wanted to keep in the cycling world but I didn’t know what my capabilities were going to be. So I built a business around developing cycling clothing and, being in the technology world, trying to work out how to make a difference and go down the customisation route.”

Nathaniel had the idea to utilise 3D body scanning technology which had the ability to take precise measurements which would allow for highly customised apparel. The 3D scanners were very effective but he soon recognised there wasn’t a huge demand in cycle clothing for such a high level of customisation so he began thinking of other ways he could use the technology.

“The system that we use allows us to push out a whole heap of detail on the body such as circumferences and fat percentages and so on. So the idea was to utilise that system and that’s how Future Health Fitness got started.”

It was around this time James and Alex came onboard to run Future Health Fitness, which aimed to help people reach their fitness goals by offering 3D body scanning to keep track of their progress. In addition the information the scanners provided could be used to develop customised plans for more effective results. Meanwhile, Nathaniel started Biomorphik which focused on how the technology could be used in a medical setting.

“I’m very interested in the statistics that we’re getting from the system. There’s a big movement now in worldwide governments looking at healthcare spending and where to go in the future and it’s very hard to get those metrics on the population base. The idea of Biomorphik is utilizing these scanners, and maybe other technologies in the future, and developing a blockchain system. So on the backend we have a massive reporting system that allows us to have governments come in and look at that data and work out where they need to put their healthcare spend.”

Intially the three were working out of home and holding meetings at Nathaniel’s house. The portable nature of the scanners meant they could take them out to demonstrate the technology. However, when they Future Health Fitness landed their first big contract with Corporate Cup, suddenly they needed a location that their clients could come to. After obtaining a large office space in the Edments building through the Renew Adelaide program, they quickly got to work.

“Our contract with Corporate Cup meant we were open for business on the first of August. We had people who had booked and a lot of people who booked on the first day with the first appointment at 9am. So we had a very definite deadline of when doors opened and we got the keys two weeks out.”

After a heroic effort involving painting, installing walls and setting up the scanners they managed to open the doors right in time. While having a space has made it easier to meet clients, it’s also improved how their business is perceived.

“People now know what we do. The fact that people can come during work hours or walk from wherever they are is fantastic. Having an office means suddenly that professional level goes up.”


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