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When a property becomes available we usually conduct a call-out for ideas. Information about the property, including photos and an application timeline for ideas will be detailed on our website.

Applications stay open for a few weeks and once closed, a Renew Adelaide panel selects the top applications to come in for an interview, with the final project selected with the approval of the property owner. The selected project(s) will need to be able to move fairly quickly (i.e. within a month) to set up their project within the space.

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All Renew Adelaide projects are signed up to a rent free, rolling 30 day licence in their space. This means that while there is no limit on how long you can be in the property, the property remains available to commercially lease and you can always be given 30 days notice to leave. This is most likely to happen if a commercial tenant makes an offer.

This also means that we cannot guarantee long term rent-free periods if you need to secure a space for a period of time then finding your own commercial lease might be a more suitable option than joining the Renew Adelaide program.


We work mostly with creative retail, studio space, galleries and projects that are a combination of these. It is essential that projects have a creative or innovative element and are made or sourced locally. We’re looking for activity that is new, interesting, unique; things that generate foot traffic, encourage people to visit, develop communities and networks.

While we do sometimes work with bars and entertainment/performance space, these are much harder to come by. Finding buildings that have the required licences, building-use and fit out for this type of thing is not easy. We don’t have rent-free spaces for long periods, so can’t always undergo the required processes in time to make it worth it.

We don’t provide space for businesses/projects that have previously leased a premises or have run the same business before, or for business models that are established.

We don’t run venues ourselves and can’t usually provide space for a one-off event.


It is important to note that although successful projects will be selected to be in a property rent-free, there are still some costs associated with the Renew Adelaide program that you will be expected to cover.

  • Electricity
  • Public Liability and Plate Glass Insurance
  • Fit out & display – we encourage you to think creatively and economically about your fit out as you are only potentially in the property short term
  • Basic property maintenance & make good (returning the property to it’s original condition)
  • Marketing & promoting your project

Next Steps

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