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Monomyth Games

Posted by Renew Adelaide on June 15, 2018
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The deal.

Monomyth Games is an indie games company from Adelaide. Thanks to Renew Adelaide’s ‘Own It’ program, they moved their business from home to the Epworth Building basement in Adelaide CBD, where they’re currently working on their first game, the surveillance thriller Need to Know.

The beginning.

With backgrounds in video production and computer science, owners Tristram and Quincy deferred their full-time jobs to focus on getting the game funded via KickStarter. They had been in development for a year when they decided to approach Renew Adelaide.

“Though we had a great response to the Kickstarter, and were well supported by our backers, we still couldn’t justify a commercial office lease, particularly since we had no experience in the area. Renew was super helpful, not just for getting us the space, but also for their assistance in setting it up, and dealing with leases and logistics,” says Quincy.

The Renew Adelaide space.

Naturally, it was quite a thrill for the boys, going from ‘working from home’ with a friend to ‘working from an office in the CBD’ with a work colleague. Of course they still had work to roll out while setting up the office, but it was a chance for them to create their own space.

“We set it up in a way that would motivate and help us to work as productively as possible, and in particular, transforming an unused area of the Epworth Building into a productive workspace was a cool thing to be involved in. Renew was so helpful throughout the process, helping us with advice, legal admin and a number of fittings for the office – altogether, we really wouldn’t have been able to move into a space at this point in our business without Renew Adelaide’s help,” says Quincy.

The learning.

From people management to time management skills, the Monomyth Games guys have learned a lot along the way.

“We gained an appreciation for all of the bits and pieces that need to be done when running a business. There’s a lot more involved in running a business than we expected starting out, and with a small team like ours, nothing gets done if one of us isn’t working on it! It’s not easy, but it’s very fulfilling to be able to build something nearly from scratch and watch everyone’s work come together so well,” concludes Quincy.



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