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Posted by Renew Adelaide on April 9, 2019
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The Start Up Files is a series that aims to find out where good ideas come from and how they happen. Each fortnight we chronicle the journey of someone who brought their idea to life through the Renew Adelaide program. In this article, we chat to Rory Noke, co-founder of podcast studio PodBooth.

Not many podcasters look forward to the time-consuming process of editing audio. But for Rory, that’s the fun part.

Rory first discovered his love of editing and audio when working in film and television. Throughout the lengthy filmmaking process, he’d often find himself wishing he could fast forward to the part where he got to edit. Then he had an idea.

“If I like that so much, why don’t I just do editing and audio? I could do podcasts.”

Armed with a love of film and a makeshift bedroom studio that involved trying to squeeze into his wardrobe to record, Rory’s first movie review podcast was born. He was hooked on podcasting but there was a steep learning curve involved.

His limited resources made it difficult to get good audio quality and he was struggling to gain the audience he needed to reach the ultimate goal: a spot on the highly coveted New & Noteworthy list.

“Do you know how hard it is to get into New & Noteworthy on Apple? It’s really hard!”

Rory knew he wasn’t the only new podcaster to go through this initial frustrating period of trial and error. This was a problem that needed a solution and he had an idea.

A fully equipped studio for recording podcasts. With Rory handling the editing, aspiring podcasters would come in for a recording session and leave with a polished podcast. He could also provide guidance and give all the advice that he wished he knew when first starting out.

It was a good idea but he was unsure if he could make it happen. The turning point came at a Renew Adelaide property inspection.

Upon arriving at an old disused and dust covered office space in the heritage listed Epworth building, Rory’s first thought was “it looks like a locker room from Saw.” It was perfect.

There was a walk-in vault that could be a voiceover booth. There was a room that could fit a studio. He’d set up the lighting just like a television set to create a theatric-like atmosphere that felt like you were putting on a show. The other room would be an office that was filled with natural lighting to make the two spaces distinct.

“We had the basis of an idea but we hadn’t really put any serious thought into it.”

“When the Renew Adelaide space popped up that’s when the idea really started to take shape. This could be a real business and if it was going to be a real business in a real Renew Adelaide space we needed to think like business people. We needed to put together a plan and send out surveys. Is this a viable idea? Would people pay for this?”

Eager to seize the opportunity, Rory and his wife Sandra submitted an application.

It’s been just over a year since PodBooth opened and things are going well. Having an initial rent free period gave Rory and Sandra the time they needed to find their audience. For someone running a business that wants to expand their brand with a podcast but is short on time, PodBooth is the perfect solution.

One of PodBooth’s clients is The Soulful Therapist, a self-help podcast by therapist Anne Marie McGlasson. In less than 10 episodes it reached #1 on the New & Noteworthy chart.

Rory also managed to score a spot on the list after starting a new podcast using the knowledge he gained throughout this experience. Popcorn Rocket Reviews is a movie review podcast for kids and parents which Rory hosts with his 5-year-old daughter Xanthe.


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