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Renew Adelaide as an option for growing co-working tenants

Posted by Renew Adelaide on March 15, 2017
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There’s a new global trend emerging from the start-up industry. It’s related to the evolution and growth of any business over time, once it has navigated its way through its initial successes and challenges that causes it look at its operations and administration.

For businesses established in co-working spaces, team growth is one of the ways it can evolve that can trigger a change in how the team interacts and what the team needs from the space it works in. At Renew Adelaide, we have seen how a new property can support a business in the way it supports its team and its clients. It offers an environment conducive to the business’ operations and activities and, where necessary, a home to bring its clients and an environment that speaks to the business’ brand.

A new property, however, initiates a new phase in a business’ financial commitment by way of a commercial lease, which is a financial condition some businesses know they cannot manage.

The Renew Adelaide program offers these types of businesses a platform for enter this phase of business risk-free by offering rolling, rent-free leases on office and other commercial property.

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