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Renew Adelaide Project Graduates

Posted by Dev Wpestate on August 29, 2016
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Renew Adelaide enters FY17 with give project ‘Graduates’ taking leases within its first two months in Adelaide city and two in Port Adelaide.

A project ‘graduates’ from the Renew Adelaide program when it has created a commercially viable business that can afford to take a lease either on the existing premises it occupies or at new premises.

Oh Deer SugarProject Graduates include Regent Arcade’s Oh Deer Sugar and One Hectare, Topham Mall’s Beigelry, Booknook and Bean and The Flower Nook and Port Adelaide’s Low & Slow and Honeybee Cycles.

The Graduates currently deliver 21 FTE jobs as a collective.

Renew Adelaide CEO, Tim Boundy said:

“With five years of experience in the Renew Adelaide model, we have observed that Renew Adelaide Graduates succeed when a great idea finds the rightThe Flower Nook property under rent-free terms for a period that allows them to perfect their experience and custom.”

Topham Mall has been an example of Renew Adelaide’s second retail arcade it has developed from a cluster of under-utilised commercial properties to the platform of creative enterprises that have become commercially viable businesses under the Renew Adelaide program, with the first being Regent Arcade.

Renew Adelaide is set to announce new projects in Topham Mall, Central Market Arcade, Port Adelaide and Adelaide central business district in early September 2016 and commence offering more office spaces under the program.


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