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The Start-Up Files: The Flower Nook

Posted by Dev Wpestate on September 13, 2016
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Sophie Kresevic opened The Flower Nook in Topham Mall in July 2015. She shares here what it was like to get her business going.

Making the transition:

I had just finished my university degree and was working at another florist full time. I absolutely loved working with flowers and didn’t want to give it up just yet. After coming across the available space in Topham Mall and knowing it to be a busy thoroughfare I just knew a florist shop would be perfect!

Creating the concept:

In creating my concept I mainly looked into the demographic of people using the area. Most of my customers are busy business people; so this meant making it easy for them to grab a bunch and go. The concept sort of evolves naturally overtime as you get to know your customer base more and more.

First challenge:

My first challenge was probably adjusting to working 60 hour weeks and being responsible for every aspect of the business. I am not a highly organised person so using my time wisely and prioritising things was a challenge.

First day in business:

The first day in business I was nervous but after opening and seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they walked past or came into the shop it quickly got rid of them.

Favourite moment:

I can’t pick one particular moment as every day I am just blown away by the support from everyone and all my regular customers. It may be a lot of work but I still absolutely love every minute of it.

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