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The Start-Up Files: The Beigelry

Posted by Dev Wpestate on September 13, 2016
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The Beigelry opened as a Renew Adelaide project in July 2016 and never looked back. Brendan Petty shares what it was like to open The Beigelry. 

Making the transition:

I had been working as a baker for 12 years and was looking for something different. Had the idea for a very long time about bagels as they were a staple of my diet while living in North America. My wife pushed me to take a chance, as I was making Bagels for her. I’m still a baker but it’s easier to start work at2am when it’s your own business.
Creation of the concept:
Had a lot of delicious test baking and trial and error with the menu. The baking was tough. Changing a recipe and from making 12 bagels at home to rolling out 400 a day is big leap.
First challenge:
First challenge was as before, making 400 plus bagels a day. Trying to find a place to bake before the shop opened.
First day in business:
Was CRAZY. Never expected the amount of hype we got, thanks to renew. So nervous hoping that people liked the product. I’ll never forget looking up and seeing the line up out the door that seemed to go forever. An amazing rush, just wished we baked more bagels lol.
Favourite moment:
Probably the first day. The moment when we opened up for business and actually had people streaming in was incredible. Was so happy after all the years of having the idea, wanting to take the leap and do it, seeing it finally eventuate was amazing. Haven’t looked back.

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