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The Start-Up Files: Drink Eat Work

Posted by Renew Adelaide on November 3, 2016
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Elisa and Juan established Renew Adelaide’s 100th project, DEW in early 2016. They share their experience in getting a start-up up and running.

Making the transition 

Before our application, we were traveling mainly two and from Sydney, managing our creative agency, which interlaced within a few different industries.

We decided to apply mainly to put the ideas we spoke about down onto paper. As most people know you sit down and flow ideas back and forth, some will never leave. When our application was successful, we hit the ground running. We did not actually stop what we were doing before the application, we managed our time appropriately and were able to continue on with both running smoothly, and a little less sleep, but 100% worth it.

Creation of the concept 

We enjoyed putting together a story board of a creative space that we would want to work in, lucky for us it became a reality thanks to Renew.

First challenge

The time frame to put together an idea that looked fantastic on paper and making it a functional operational space. We were literally transforming an office space into a functioning, café, studio and co-working space in a matter of 14 days.

Obviously with a lot of risk there was a much needed balance between how far we go with the fit out, knowing that it was a 6 month lease.

For us, also Hindley street was a challenge and a blessing, it takes a little longer for the general foottrffic to wander down this way if they it is not in their direction. However the loyalty of our locals cannot be beaten.


Favorite moment

To see all three spaces working simultaneously, these moments you are able to reflect on the conversations when reality and dreams meet.

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