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Synergy and cross-collaboration on Hindley Street

Posted by Renew Adelaide on May 17, 2016
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New business will always benefit from collaboration. A successful entrepreneur needs to have great communication and a willingness to participate with and against their competitors in an over-saturated economy – none truer than the Adelaide CBD context.

To synergise is to leverage your assets (whether it be a product or service) with someone else’s assets to create a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. It’s like making a delicious sandwich. You have the filling, and someone else has the bread. Together, you create a greater package than you had before.

There are major benefits of synergy between small-business. It’s cost effective, efficient & flexible and gives greater opportunity for brand exposure.

At Renew Adelaide our current project operators are successfully applying these strategies to their business. A great example is DEW – Drink.Eat.Work. DEW is a fusion of three spaces in one. It’s a cafe and wine bar, a photography studio, and a co-working space for freelances to work in.

DEW supports entrepreneurs in their individual and cooperative work with synergy underpinning their business strategy. Elisa Mercurio, part owner with Juan Londono explains, “Dew is a space to facilitate creatives and enhance the working environment.

“Freelancers are often working from home, which can be a challenging space to charge efficiency and productivity.” Dew is an answer to that problem, and together with their clients renting affordable working spaces, Dew masters the art of collaboration, and ultimately betters their business and the Adelaide CBD work culture.

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DEW: 101 Hindley St, Adelaide

Phone: 08- 8221-6502

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dew.drink.eat.work/

Website: http://www.dew.place/

Artisan – a collective was established as a reaction to the barriers in art and ceramic sales in Adelaide. It’s no fuss, beautifully bespoke design in a contemporary environment, encouraging a collaborative dialogue between artists and public. Establishing a strong production and supply chain was easily networked by director, John Richardson who’s been working and creating in the Adelaide scene for 12 years.

John says “Artisan is simply a space to make things. We come together to showcase what we’re working on, and the brick and mortar cultivates our connection to a public”

Artisan relies on collaboration, and harnesses the assets of Adelaide artists to produce a truly unique business.

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Artisan – a collective: Hindley Street, Adelaide

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtisanCollective/

Website: http://www.artisan-collective.com.au/

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