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The Startup Files: The Adelaide Remakery

Posted by Renew Adelaide on May 28, 2018
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For creative duo Helen Rooney and Sue Fenwick, when it comes to their business, sharing their vision with customers, making it personal, keeping it fresh and having a beautiful welcoming space is what brings them satisfaction.

“It never grows old, seeing the wonder when someone first discovers us unexpectedly,” says Helen.

So how did Sue, a freelance writer who occasionally ran a market stall selling crochet and knitted wares and upcycled succulent planters, meet Helen, a fellow creative and market stall owner pedaling recycled and repurposed textiles? On the market scene, of course.

“Our common interest of supporting local, recycling and repurposing led us to form many friendships amongst other market vendors. We had envisioned having a handmade local outlet and shared some ideas and concepts for a repurposed only business,” explains Helen.

It was only after seeing a Renew Adelaide property came up that the girls decided to go for it.

“Sue and I had to start from scratch with a business name, social media, define our mission and tie it all up into a feasible and exciting proposition for Renew Adelaide,” says Helen.

“I can’t lie, it was hard work preparing our space with the painting requirements, sourcing props and furniture and moving it all in, but it was very satisfying to see it take form and become a reality.”

That reality? The Adelaide Makery, a remade, repurposed gifts, homewares and fashion mecca.

IG: @theadelaideremakery

W: www.theadelaideremakery.com.au

FB: facebook.com/theadelaideremakery

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