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Posted by Dev Wpestate on July 20, 2016
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Each Renew Adelaide project is kind of a miracle. It’s because getting a property involves an application process that has lots of people and strategy go into it. This post is for the people who want to understand more about why their application wasn’t granted.

Every property gets lots of applications, which are then short-listed and submitted to the property’s agent and landlord for consideration. But to get to that stage, the Renew team assess the applications based on a few tenancy and business strategies like:

  • The proposed business is complementary to the business in the surrounding area
  • The applicant has some business experience in that area
  • The business makes good use of the space
  • The space can realistically accomodate the business proposed
  • That the proposed project is super cool
  • The business has the capacity to either be sustainable or pack up and down relatively easily in the case of a pop-up business.

But ultimately it’s up to the property owner what kind of property they want to give their property to rent-free.

If your application wasn’t granted under the Renew Adelaide program, it doesn’t mean your idea isn’t worth pursuing through some other property or channel. It just means that your proposal didn’t meet some of the above criteria or some other application met the criteria more accurately.

Some of your options are (but not limited to):

  • Adelaide City Council has this website that can help you find out more about what doing business in the city can offer and also a list of agents that can help you find a property.
  • Talk with Sergio Mattiazzo or Brian Jackway at Adelaide Enterprise Centre. Make an appointment with them here.
  • You can always apply for another space or you might think of working on cashflow to take a lease straight up.
  • The Department of State Development has this website that might have some other pathways for you.

Do make sure you keep being creative, innovative and persistent because you succeeding is how interesting cities are made and your effort is important in making this happen. Good luck!

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